Committee Service

Committees within the Georgia General Assembly play an essential role to our legislative process. The committee does what the Senate and the House of Representatives could not do as well by functioning as a whole.  Therefore, each member of the General Assembly sits on numerous committees. Once a bill is brought forth by a legislator, the bill is assigned to a committee for further review. The committee is responsible for completing the initial groundwork of what the legislation is intended to do. Committee members often call experts in the respective subject area to testify on behalf or against the proposed legislation. Once in committee the bill may have a hearing where the committee votes to move the bill forward or not.

Appropriations- Member:

The main focus of the committee is the writing of the state’s amended and general fiscal year budgets for Georgia’s state agencies and departments. The committee also hears legislation that has considerable impact on the state revenue or expenditures

Code Revision – Vice Chairman

 Code Revision is responsible for technical and grammatical revisions of Georgia’s statutes. Its goal is to revise, modernize, and correct errors or omissions in Georgia’s Code and to repeal those portions which have become obsolete, have been declared to be unconstitutional, or have been preempted or superseded by subsequent laws.

Economic Development & Tourism – Member:

 This committee is responsible for economic development, business, trade, and any proposed measures that will effect the presence of tourism throughout the state.

Judiciary Non-Civil- Secretary :

The House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee has jurisdiction over Georgia’s criminal code and procedure, drug enforcement, sentencing, parole and pardons, and immigration. Any legislation that carries a possibility for criminal penalties can be referred to the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee.

Juvenile Justice- Member: 

 Formerly known as Children and Youth, the Juvenile Justice Committee was recreated during the 2013 legislative session to serve more as a judiciary committee over juvenile related issues.

Public Safety and Homeland Security – Member:

This committee handles legislation pertaining to law enforcement and safety issues facing Georgia.