Eliminate Government Waste and Reduce the Tax Burden

This week marked the end of eligibility to register to vote in the November 6th General Election. The passage of this deadline is an important reminder that the Election is almost here. The voters have a clear choice this Fall, and I for one am doing all I can to convince those I come into contact with to make the right decision and to vote to elect conservatives from the President on down to the local level.

I believe we need to Eliminate Government Waste – in times like these, we all have to make the tough decisions when it comes to our budget, and government should be no different. During these challenging economic times, conservatives at our Capitol have made significant cuts to our state budget and have made government leaner and more efficient. The next step is to pass the “Sunset Bill.”  I will work with other legislators to eliminate government waste in the upcoming session.

During last week’s Presidential debate, we saw a clear difference on the issues of Taxes. President Obama thinks our taxes are too low and that we need to increase revenues for the Federal Government. I completely disagree with this approach and believe we need to Reduce the Tax Burden at the federal and state levels. Over-taxation stifles entrepreneurial spirit and cripples our small businesses. We must be diligent in looking for ways to cut taxes on our job creators and our hard working citizens.  I will work towards a fair, consumption-based sales tax to replace the state income tax.

As we enter the final weeks of the campaign, I ask you to join our team. A quick look at our Facebook Page will reveal that we are giving this race 110% and taking nothing for granted. In order to maintain our voter contact efforts throughout the 67th House District, we need financial resources and I am asking you to consider making a financial investment in our campaign. Will you make a secure online donation to our campain today?

Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, 10/11 – Georgia Power Coffee Card Exchange, Douglas County Sentinel
  • Thursday, 10/11 – Vice Presidential Debate, Paulding GOP Victory Center in Dallas
  • Saturday, 10/13 – 4th Paulding Public Safety Appreciation Day, Watson Government Complex
  • Tuesday, 10/16 – Douglas County Chamber Luncheon, Downtown Douglasville
  • Saturday, 10/20 – Paulding County GOP Breakfast
  • Saturday, 10/20 – 16th Annual CAC Chili Cookoff, Doulgas County Cultural Arts Center
  • Tuesday, 10/23 – Paulding County Chamber Candidate Meet-N-Greet, The Georgian
  • Thursday, 10/25 – AT&T Business After Hours, Foxhall Resort
  • Saturday, 10/31 – Christ Central Family Fall Fest, Paulding Plaza in Dallas

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