The Economy is the Number One Issue Facing House District 67

As your next State Representative, I will work hard to create opportunities and remove barriers to economic growth. Small businesses are the engine of job creation. To get this economy moving again we must have a renewed focus on small businesses and start-up companies. We need legislation like the “JOBS Bill of 2010” that focuses on small businesses, works to attract needed capital for start-up businesses, and keeps government out of the way. Once elected, I will start working immediately to get Georgia’s economy moving again.

In times like these we all have to make the tough decisions when it comes to our budget and government should be no different. During these challenging economic times, conservatives at our Capitol have made significant cuts to our state budget and have made government leaner and more efficient. The next step is to pass the “sunset bill” which places an expiration date on state government agencies and they would end unless renewed under legislation. This would eliminate agencies that have outlived their purpose, that continue to waste tax payer dollars.

Too often politicians think that more laws and government involvement are the answer to the challenges our citizens face, I believe the opposite to be true. We need less government and less government involvement so that our citizens and the private sector can get this economy moving again. I will work with other legislators to eliminate government waste in the upcoming session.

As we come down the home stretch of this campaign we need your help!

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